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Hedonism II - Resort Information  - "Welcome Home" 

Ways to Reach Us:


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571-969-BIND (2463) 



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About Hedonism II
Hedonism II's slogan is "Be Wicked for a Week".  It is an all-inclusive, clothing-optional, sex-positive lifestyles resort on a tropical beach in Negril, Jamaica where just about anything goes! Hedonism hosts individuals and groups of all types with one major thing in common:  they all subscribe to the basic pleasure-seeking tenants of the hedonist. The resort attracts everyone from swingers to nudists and fun-loving, pleasure-seeking partiers to kinksters from around the world. All are welcome. At Hedonism, you will find people of all ages, shapes and styles, and with all types of sexual desires and preferences. 

Key features:

  • All-Inclusive

  • Top Shelf Drinks Included

  • Gourmet Dining Included

  • Adults Only

  • Clothing Optional

  • Sex-Positive

  • Theme Nights

  • Included Resort Activities (SCUBA, snorkeling,

sailing, paddle boards, etc.)

  • Fitness Center & Spa 

  • World-class beaches, pools, swim-up bars, etc.

  • Major recent room and resort renovations 

Hedonism II is the world’s most iconic clothing optional adult playground and the sexiest place on earth where you can be as mild or as wild as you like!  An all-inclusive paradise where you can turn your fantasies into reality.  
The resort offers world-class dining with a wide selection of local and international inspired cuisine. Five fully stocked bars featuring premier top shelf brands and cocktails created specially by our experienced mixologists.

280 luxury rooms and suites awaken your spirit and indulge your senses.
Spend your days and nights swimming, playing, dancing and laughing, our resort activities are endless.

Nightly entertainment featuring sexy theme nights, cocktail lounges and piano bars, singers, musicians and dancers performing unique engaging routines in extravagant costumes.

Soothing and relaxing spa and beauty treatments (offered at additional) cost on property
Once you visit Hedonism II, you will not want to leave, and you may find yourself going back year after year.
At Hedonism II all food, alcohol, and resort activities and amenities are included in the per-person room price per night. Here, there’s never too much of a good thing. People travel from far and wide to live out their fantasies and escape all inhibition. Leave the mundane day-to-day behind, explore yourself as you explore the spectacular environment of Negril, Jamaica. See more at at the Hedonism II website.
Nudity and Sex Positive:

It is perfectly acceptable to be nude in most areas at the resort. The resort asks that you cover up in the main dining areas and restaurants, but that doesn't even mean you need to put on clothes…just wrap a towel around yourself and grab some food! Or better yet, throw on some sexy lingerie that barely covers your goodie bits…just because you can't be nude doesn't mean you can't be scandalous! You CAN be nude at the nude pool grill. Just don't spill jerk sauce on your balls >_<. The sit down restaurants want you to put on real clothes though.


Note, in the Nude beach and pool area (which is located down one side of the beach) you MUST be nude.

If you don't want to be nude or if you are unsure of nudism, you are not alone. While some are all about throwing off their clothes at every opportunity, many are a little hesitant to do so, and that is absolutely OK! Many choose not to go bare at hedo, and that is perfectly acceptable (some of the resort is nude, the rest is clothing-optional). Yet many folks find that once they are there, they become quite comfortable and fast converts to nudism.

This is a great article about one woman's experience with just that:

As the author noted, she learned that nudism is not just about "tanning and tatas. She found it not to be a sexual thing; but rather extremely liberating on a personal level.

Hedonism is not a swingers resort or a nudist resort. It is a hedonist's resort, meaning it is a place for pleasure seekers. Nobody will be pressured to do anything they don't want to do. Pleasure means doing what you want, not what others think you should do. Our group is a separate group and we will be doing our thing, and everyone is free to venture out into the larger resort and do what they want, or do what they want within the group.

The resort and BeachBind are sex-positive. You can have sex on the beach while drinking a sex on the beach. Whoa. During daylight hours, you can't have sex right on the main beach where it is visible by boats on the water; however, you can by the nude pool or in other areas not visible from off the resort.

Resort Activities:

There are a lot of on-site activities that are included at no cost such as SCUBA, snorkeling, sailing, SUP boards, kayaks, tennis, volleyball, a fitness center, yoga, and more. For a full list of activities, see 


Wi-fi is included with the room for up to three devices. There is also wi-fi available in the courtyard next to the main lobby. Note, the wi-fi may not be as good or fast as you are used to, and may not work well from some rooms. You can purchase a faster wi-fi signal that is supposed to allow for streaming video and remote desktop connections, but it may not work as well as you'd like.

The resort has a number of other amenities (some at an extra cost), including laundry service, wine bar, excursions, SCUBA training, a full-service spa, espresso bar, private beach dinners, a gift shop, a jewelry shop, and more. For more information see

Hedo Theme Nights - Check here for updates.

  • SUNDAY - BARBIE'S DREAMHOUSE C'mon Barbie, let's go party! Get dolled up, grab Ken and join us for a fantastic plastic, fashion fabulous, totally glamorous night of fun! Dress code is barbie & ken inspired attire, hot pink, glam, mini dresses, colorful tanks, fun prints, bright tops, stilettos and sexy beachwear.

  • MONDAY - JAMAICA NIGHT Party to the pulsating beats of the island, soak in the vibes and delight in a Caribbean celebration of the sexiest place on earth. Dress code is your sexiest Black, Green & Gold island wear, mini skirts, bikinis, booty shorts, Jamaica shirts, & sun-kissed skin!

  • TUESDAY - FLOWER POWER GLOW Peace, love and party like it's the summer of '69! Travel back to a far out era of free love, the Beatles, Laugh In and Woodstock! Dress code is bright and colorful tie-dye, love beads, daisies, flower crowns, chunky jewelry, fringe, headbands & vintage.

  • WEDNESDAY - FETISH LEATHER & LINGERIE Strap on your sexiest leather, lingerie & fetish wear and indulge your fantasies in an energetic underworld of pleasure and excitement. Dress code is leather, latex, lace, lingerie, fishnets, corsets, garter belts, bondage gear, body-harness, collars, cat suits and stilettos.

  • THURSDAY - CASINO NIGHT Feeling lucky? Join us as we transport you from Vegas to Monte Carlo for a thrilling night of high stakes, high style and high rolling. Dress code is sexy cocktail dresses and evening gowns, tuxedos, sequins, smoking jackets, showgirl costumes, diamonds and high heels.

  • FRIDAY - ROCKSTAR GALA Enjoy VIP treatment, indulge all your hedonistic desires and party like a rockstar until the sun comes up at our legendary gala night. Dress code is leather pants, cut-off denim, fishnets, studded belts and accessories. Bonus: Dress up like your favorite rock star.

  • SATURDAY - ZOODONISM Answer the call of the wild, unleash the animal within and join us as we revel in an exotic evening of erotic fun and carnal pleasure! Dress code is animal print, tribal wear, feathers, masks, loin cloth, g-strings, face and body paint, sexy safari costumes and floral.

Other Resort Info:

  • Daily Hotel orientation (good for those new to the resort):  10:30am and 5:00pm, meet at the courtyard.

  • Water Sports Center:  open daily 9:00am - 4:00pm

  • BDSM playroom in the spa is open from 10:30pm to 3am

  • There is a gift shop in the courtyard

  • There is a spa that offers most spa services for an additional charge

  • There is a wine bar off the courtyard

  • There is an espresso bar off the terrace dining room: open 7:30am-11am and 7pm - 11pm

  • There is a fitness center near the spa. Personal training is available.

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