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We are updating this regularly so check back for updates. The schedule will be announced in early 2024, 

Events & Excursions:

Participatory Learning Experiences:

We are working on designing an amazing program with a diverse group of topics for workshops and moderated discussions, led by experienced people in a safe and ego-free learning environment and that covers skill level from brand new newbie beginners to the most advanced and experienced of us. Please note that because we book the event so far in advance, hosts, presenters, workshops, excursions, and events are always subject to change (and often do!).

Hosts & Presenters

More to come soon!

Simone Teacher Portrait 72.jpg
Simone Justice
Event Host, Presenter, & Keynote.
Workshops will include Impact and Spanking, Service Submission, Domme/Female Top, M/s & Power Exchange, and more. 

Fetlife: SimoneJustice

Instagram: @simone.justice

X / Twitter: @Simone_Justice

TikTok @Simone_Justice

Threads @simone.justice


Simone Justice  has been providing guidance and instruction to individuals and couples in introductory techniques to advanced practices of BDSM for over two decades. Her academic credentials include a B.A. in Philosophy and a M.A. in Psychology, complemented by her licensure as a psychotherapist. Simone's journey into BDSM was initially a personal exploration of her sexuality, which organically transitioned into her professional life. She has achieved international acclaim as a former dominatrix and has been inducted into the BDSM Hall of Fame, in addition to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the BDSM Community.

Ashley Lane 
Presenter/Model at large 
Photography, modeling, and content & artistic guidance for attendees

Fetlife: AshleyLane

Instagram: Priebusss

Twitter: ashleylanexxx

All the rest:

Ashley Lane  is an award-winning fetish and adult industry actress and model with over 130 films, including BDSM films from Her kinky film credits include roles in Sadistic Rope, Hogtied, Device Bondage, Sex and Submission, Public Disgrace, and Bondage is the New Black. Content links and booking info can be found at

Event Shenanegator
Workshops TBA

X / Twitter: lcrossmodel
IG: Loracrossmodel

LoraCross a model, actress, and producer in multiple genres and just likes pushing her limits and trying new things. She is a fitness addict from a very strict religious upbringing.  She is skilled in wrestling, foot sessions, domination sessions, trampling, lift and carry up to 200# and roleplay within any of those.

Sir Rucifer​ and LadyLethalLove
Workshops TBA

Sir Rucifer​ on Fetlife
LadyLethalLove on Fetlife
Sir Rucifer on Instagram:
Sir Rucifer on X / Twitter:  @SirRucifer

Sir Rucifer is a highly experienced professional and lifestyle Dom with nearly 20 years of expertise in the scene. With a profound focus on the healing and psychological aspects of play, he excels in creating a safe and nurturing space for others. As a passionate BDSM educator, Sir Rucifer's dynamic teaching style combines entertainment and invaluable knowledge, making his classes both engaging and enlightening.

His extensive teaching experience includes esteemed institutions such as USC, UCLA, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton, Exxotica, and Stockroom University. Through these platforms, he has shared his wealth of wisdom with countless individuals seeking to understand and explore the world of BDSM.

In addition to his educational endeavors, Sir Rucifer thrives as a captivating live event performer. His mesmerizing presence has graced prominent gatherings such as AVN, DomCon, Bar Sinister, Kinky Rabbit, Veritas, and more. These performances serve as a testament to his artistry and the unique experiences he crafts for his audience.

As the esteemed headmaster at BLK DMND Social Club, Sir Rucifer spearheads a monthly rope meet-up, providing a dedicated space for rope enthusiasts to come together, learn, and forge connections.

With Sir Rucifer as your guide, expect an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and exploration in the captivating realm of BDSM.

Lady Lethal is a Los Angeles-based Pro Domme who specializes in the psychological aspects of kink and relishes in sensual, sadistic scenes. She is also a lifestyle switch, and you can find her and her Dominant, Sir Rucifer, teaching and performing at various sex clubs and kink events— tying up guests and inviting people to “just breath and feel.”

rachel adams IMG_5094.heic
Rachel Adams
Model at large & Presenter
Photography, modeling, and content & artistic guidance for attendees

X / Twitter

Rachel Adams is an international bondage and fetish model that has been producing bondage content for the last 15 years. She has appeared in countless videos and photography shoots as well as being a featured model at Boundcon and Bondage Fetish World in Germany. Always up for challenges and new experiences she is always pushing herself to become better at her craft as a rigger as well as a rope bottom and performer. For more information visit www.

pragma 2023-06-18 075951.png
Workshops TBA



With three decades of commitment to non-monogamy, pragma has woven a tapestry of diverse experiences and relationships throughout his adult life. In his youth, he grappled with cheating, his own and that of his partners, an experience that ultimately shaped his commitment to more honest, open relationships. His longest-standing relationship, a testament to mutual dedication and understanding, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. 

Unwilling to forfeit the thrill and vitality of casual encounters, he ventured into a polyamorous lifestyle long before even the publication of The Ethical Slut, and when it was published it was a revelation. As a kinkster and lifelong learner, @pragma has read intensively on the history and artistry of D/s and leather culture and personally feels everything important in kink happens in the mind. 

Aside from his personal journeys, @pragma is also a seasoned presenter in his professional life, leveraging his rich experiences to share insights to groups numbering in the hundreds across various platforms. In these sessions at Kinky Caribbean, @pragma plans to offer a wealth of knowledge, drawn from decades navigating the intricacies of relationship and jealousy management, as well as the exploration of kink and especially 24/7 M/s relationships. 

His insights are grounded in reality, shaped by his own trials and triumphs, which adds a profound level of authenticity to his presentations. He hopes and trusts that the sessions will enrich his audience’s relationships, as well as his own as together we deepen our understanding and experiences of others in similar paths.

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