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Welcome to the Attendee Portal, a central location for all sorts of useful information from the schedule, presenters & workshops, how to make changes to your reservation, and what to pack


More event updates coming soon!


2024 News Feed

2024 Room Update (updated 9/28/23)

It looks we have about 70 people registered at the moment, and our original room block has sold out. We have been able to get a second block of rooms, but those are already dwindling and some room types have sold out at the resort level, including NBJ, PBJ, OVRP, and PBJP.  We are down to a handful of the more popular room types like OVN, OVCO, GVCO, and GVN.

Sold Out:

 PBJ - Oceanview Hot Tub Terrace

 NBJ - Oceanview Au Natural Hot Tub Terrace

 PBJP - Oceanview Hot Tub Terrace Premium

 OVRP - Oceanview Regular Premium


Available - But Almost Gone ... See More>

What do you need to bring?

Whatcha Packin'?

Check out the sample Packing and Travel To-Do & Packing List

See and download a sample packing list here 

          -Will be updated as the event approaches!


Waterfall:  We are taking a group to a private waterfall location in a mountain forest to play, shoot pictures, and hike if you want! Nudity and shenanigans are permitted! Hiking will be optional this year.


Kinky Catamaran: A huge, clothing-optional boat with majestic views of the Negril cliffs, snorkeling, and cave jumping if you want! Open bar, of course! 

More info on Excursions

Experiences, Programming, Presenters  & Workshops:

Want to see who is presenting, hosting, and shenanigan, or what events will take place on the schedule this year? Our Experiences & Programming page is updated regularly and has it all!


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