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Welcome to the Attendee Portal, a central location for all sorts of useful information from the schedule, presenters & workshops, how to make changes to your reservation, and what to pack

2024 News Feed

March 24, 2024: Latest Newsletter updates:  

Announcing Domina Mara; Swinky Life Spotlight, Room Updates, & More!

Sign up for Excursions:

Waterfall:  We are taking a group to a private waterfall location in a mountain forest for clothing optional play, shoot pictures, and hike if you want! Nudity and shenanigans are permitted! Hiking will be optional this year.


Kinky Catamaran:  A huge, clothing-optional boat with majestic views of the Negril cliffs, snorkeling, and cave jumping if you want! Open bar, of course! 

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Whatcha Packin'?  What to Bring:

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The list will be updated as the event approaches!

New Presenters, Schedule, and Workshops Announced:


Our schedule is up, and, we are set to have a magical week with a schedule jam-packed with amazing things to do, including endless workshops, an enchanted clothing-optional sunset cruise by the Negril cliffs (think a little bit like The Princess Bride), a clothing-optional Jamaican waterfall jungle excursion, performances, kinky speed dating, nightly play parties and social gatherings, unconferences, cigar socials, daily sunset play and photo shoots, Kinky Olympics, hot tub gatherings, resort theme nights, and more!


Plus, from SCUBA and snorkeling, to sailing and volleyball, to treat-yourself spa days, as well as endless food, drinks, pools, and picturesque beaches, there is already so much to do at the resort!


We are pleased to announce that we have added a slew of new presenters for June. We are jumping up and down to have confirmed Scott Smith, who has joined us as a presenter and host. Scott is an internationally known BDSM educator that has been teaching workshops  internationally for over 30 years in styles that weigh heavily on sadism and masochism and edge-play with a penchant for consensual non-consent (CNC). He will be teaching workshops on: Abductions & Takedowns, Advanced Flogging. Breath Control, Torture Ties, and Waterboarding.


We are also super excited to add the Accidental Swingers Podcast and Swinky Life crew to our presenter lineup! Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan will be teaching workshops on Bedroom Rope, Swinging and Kink, Ethical Non-Monogamy and Polyamory, and Impact Play.


In addition, another new presenter to our lineup is Dr. Bing Parkinson, a medical doctor specializing in Vitality and Sexual Health, who will share knowledge on medical and health practices to allow you to have mind-blowing, toe-curling, absolutely unbelievable sex while feeling like a rockstar in every aspect of your life - even as you age!  We are also excited to have added Restricted_area & Alterskye from the United Kingdom, who will teach workshops on shibari and sadistic rope bondage and take downs, and will do a shibari performance. We have also added HearMyRoard and PeachAfterDark, who are coming from Bulgaria and who will teach a workshop on squirting.


In addition, we have added Ellie Reaux & Lucian Rakewell who will host Kinky Speed dating,   and one of our Kinky Olympics events. Ellie will also co-host our sunset photoshoots, join our content creator's panel, and teach workshops on sex workers.  Lucian will teach kink relationship frameworks and archetypes. Another addition is submissann, who will be hosting a Pony Play gathering. Finally, we have added Stella Smut, an acclaimed and award-winning photographer, director, and porn producer who will be our official event photographer and videographer, as well as teach a sexy photography workshop, co-host our sunset photoshoots and one of our Kinky Olympics events, and moderate our content creator's panel.


We are thrilled to add these amazing presenters to our already amazing list that includes:

Sir Rucifer​, LadyLethalLove, Ashley Lane, LoraCross, Pragma, Rachel Adams.


You can see all of our presenters and their bios here:


All of the workshops are described here:


The complete schedule is posted here:

Simone Justice Update:


As many of you know, Simone has been battling a rare illness that has kept her from traveling and presenting at events for the last couple of years. Last year, Simone announced that she had some treatment breakthroughs and would begin teaching again, including at Kinky Caribbean this June. Unfortunately, she has had recent complications, and she has had to halt future travel and teaching indefinitely. We are devastated to hear this news. We will continue to be supportive in any way that we can. Simone has been absolutely amazing to work with, and we will absolutely welcome her at our events as soon as she is able to travel again. Although Simone is irreplaceable, we are thankful to all the new presenters for stepping up!

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