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Excursion Adventures!

Kinky Catamaran Sunset Cruise

Wednesday June 5th (evening)

Note: this excursion is popular and may sell out

Clothing Optional!

Kinky Catamaran! A three hour tour? .... Now where have I heard that before?!?


Join the group for sunset catamaran cruise along the stunning Negril cliffs & caves! Snorkel, do kinky things, take photos, go cliff jumping, and more! Get naked if you want - and drink up too - the trip includes unlimited open bar!


Key Features: 3 hour sunset catamaran cruise. Unlimited open bar and clothing optional. The boat wll stop at different points that may include snorkeling at the Sandy Cove Reef and caves (gear is provided), or Rick's Cafe on the cliffs where you can swim over  to cliff jump (if you dare!).


Amazing sightseeing along the Negril Coast - Think a bit like Princess Bride! Music, entertainment, and more!


Please tip your boat captains on this one as they are not resort employees.


Limited availability. Reserve your spot

Benta Falls Eco Hike, Play, & Photoshoot      

Monday June 3rd (Morning)

Clothing Optional / Hiking Optional


 An amazing adventure to a waterfall with an optional hike through a stream in a giant bamboo forest!  You are welcome to hang out, play, swim, relax, and do kinky photos since the bus parks at the hike  end point/waterfall.


Benta Falls is a nature lover's paradise - two beautiful waterfalls, natural pools, 52 varieties of ferns, an abundance of exotic tropical flowers and plant species, and several types of birds, butterflies, and indigenous wildlife. Benta Falls provides some of the prettiest scenery Mother Nature has to offer. Driving through the tropical Jamaican rainforest, the first thing you notice is the clean, fresh mountain air. 


Our time at Benta will be clothing optional! Shenanigans are generally permitted at Benta, and clothing-optional is generally rule. Regardless, please respect the tour guide's discretion. In the past kinky play and nudity have been permitted. Cost includes round-trip bus to the falls, admission to the park, and tour guide. Bus ride is about 60 minutes from the resort, the hike is usually about 2+ hours. Limited availability, reserve your spot!


*What to Bring: You are hiking in a stream and are going to get wet! Bring a bathing suit and shoes that can get wet or water shoes, towels, and a waterproof camera (or waterproof phone case), and a little water-safe BDSM gear/rope if you want! Rental water shoes are usually available for an additional fee, but we suggest that you bring your own shoes that can get wet.


Please tip your tour guides and bus driver on this one as they are not resort employees.

2025 updated info coming soon. In the meantime, check out what we did in 2024 as an idea of what you might see!