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Day of Travel  Information & Tips

Ways to Reach Us:


Support - submit a ticket!

Help Desk and FAQ


Call or Text:

571-969-BIND (2463) 



Instagram:   @ConCations


If your travel plans change before or on the day of travel, please email us​. 

Once you arrive at Mo'Bay...

The TLDR - Travel Day Key Points!


At the Montego Bay Airport:

  • If you have Club Mo'Bay, they will meet you when you get off the plane

  • First, you go through Immigration (have passport and immigration form that you filled out on the plane in-hand)

  • Then you get your luggage

  • Then you go through Customs (have immigration form ready)

  • Airport Lobby: look for Sun Holiday (Desk 5) to check in for the bus

  • Keep your return bus voucher! You will need it when you leave.

  • If you have Club MoBay, you can wait in their lounge. 

  • Grab a drink or two and take it on the bus (yes - it can have rum in it)!


Arrival at resort: 

  • Keep your passport & personal items with you.

  • The bellhop will take your luggage and bring it to your room. 

  • Check-in with with the resort at the reception desk.

Kinky Caribbean Check-In:  Saturday tba

  • Please bring your passport to check in.

  • You will get your welcome bag and necklace!

  • If you are arriving after that we will contact you directly to arrange your event check-in. 



When you get to Jamaica, you will proceed through immigration, then get your luggage, then proceed through customs.  

If you have Club MoBay

If you booked Club MoBay, your Club MoBay rep will greet you right after you get off the plane. They will be holding a sign or a tablet with your name on it. They will walk you through customs and immigration through the fast track lines. After you get through and check in with bus, you will be directed to the lounge. Grab a bite and drink or three - you can take them on the bus!

If your travel plans change on the day of travel, please email us


After you exit customs you will be in the airport lobby. If you have a transfer purchased from Kinky Caribbean, simply find the Sun Holiday transfer desk (Desk 5 in the middle of the lobby). Give them your name and let them know you are with the group to Hedonism booked through Tom's Trip's. 

The Sun Holiday agent will give you two paper transfer vouchers, one for your trip to Hedonism and one for your return trip on your day of departure. You will need to keep the Sun Holiday departure voucher and present same for transfer to the airport from the hotel on your departure day. PLEASE CHECK OVER THE DEPARTURE INFO AND MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT.  

The ride will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on traffic. Your driver may stop on the way for a bathroom break.  

When you get to the resort, a bell hop will take your luggage, which will magically appear in your room in a little while. 
Keep your passport and carry on/personal stuff with you! Then go to the check-in couches area in the lobby past the front desk.


The event check in will be at the beach tent on the evening of 10/22 from 9-9:30pm. If you are arriving after that we will contact you directly to arrange your event check-in. At the event check-in you will get your name necklace, a welcome bag full of some really awesome goodies, and you will meet our staff!  Please bring your passport to check-in to sign the waiver, which is required to participate at the event. 

Once you are settled in your room, go eat, drink, hit the beach, check out the schedule. You can book your excursion trip or sign our model release if you want photos posted and more on our website or social media. 

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