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Workshop Descriptions

Sunset Play & Beach Photo Shenanigans with Stella Smut, Lora Cross, Ashley Lane, Ellie Reaux, & Rachel Adams

Negril is world-famous for its sunsets and we take full advantage during our nightly sunset photoshoots! Whether you are a beginner photographer or model, an amateur with an mobile phone or a pro with all the gear, or even if you want to just come help, learn, or watch some sexy, kinky content creation, this gathering is for you! Come bring your ideas, shoot, model, hold a light stand, help with props and makeup, tie someone up. 

If you want to have your images posted on the KC website and/or on our social media, please be sure to sign the model release here.  Please note that you can list any limitations you have (e.g. no face, no Twitter, etc.) and if you ever want anything removed that we posted, just let us know and we'll immediately take it down no questions asked! 

Kinky Speed "Dating" with with Lora Cross, Ellie Reaux, & Devereaux 

Come join the fun whimsical at the Kinky Caribbean version of speed "dating"! This is a great way to meet other attendees and connect for possible play, friendships, and you never know what else!

Abductions & Takedowns with Scott Smith

Workshop description: coming soon

Advanced Flogging with Scott Smith

Workshop description: coming soon

Waterboarding with Scott Smith

Workshop description: coming soon

Breath Control with Scott Smith

Workshop description: coming soon

Torture Ties with Scott Smith

Workshop description: coming soon

Sustaining 24/7 dynamics with Protocol, Rituals, Habits and Guided Meditation with Pragma & x0Amanda0x 

Transitioning from scene-based kink where there is a "moment" where dynamic snaps into place towards 24/7 kink where headspace is constant is often a challenge. Day-to-day realities intrude and shatter dynamic and place. Good news! Establishing routine protocols, rituals, habits and even meditation practices can help stabilize your relationship's dynamic. In this 90 minute session combining prepared content, open discussion and demonstrations Pragma and his slave x0amanda0x will leave you with actionable ideas to immediately improve your kink.

* Prepared content, discussion and demos Description

* Come as you are, bring a partner if you have one.

* Suitable for all skill levels 

I’m Ready For My Close Up, Sir: How to Pose for Fetish Photography with Lethal (@LadyLethalLove on Fetlife)

Have you ever had your picture taken and not liked it? Let’s fix that! We will go over small adjustments you can make to have a big effect on how your kinky pictures turn out. Whether these shots are for your personal spank bank or for sale on the internet, this class is sure to empower you to feel more confident in front of the camera!  

* The class will be lecture style with demonstrations and hands-on practice time with coaching.

* This class is for all humans (and non-humans!) who have a body. 

* Lethal is an erotic art model with 10+ years experience posing in front of the camera. 

* What is needed/What to bring - Yourself! Optional things to bring: A camera/phone; anything specific you’d like to practice posing in/with (rope; an outfit; accessories; etc.) is  an erotic art model with 10+ years experience posing in front of the camera. 

Workshop TBA with Lethal (@LadyLethalLove on Fetlife)

Workshop description: Coming soon

Unraveling Yourself: A Creative Exploration of Self-Expression with Rope with Rucifer & Lethal 

Learn what it takes to lead your rope bottom on a journey that can truly touch their heart and mind. Suitable for all  skill levels, for rope tops and bottoms. 

* What to bring: a hank of rope and a bottom. (Presenters will have some extra rope if anyone needs and they can partner up with someone in class if they don’t have a partner) 

Mastering the Dance of Dynamics: A Deep Dive into Protocol and position with Rucifer & Lethal

We’ll delve deep into the intricate world of power dynamics, rules, and etiquette within kink dynamics. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, this class is designed to explore the importance of protocols in establishing trust, respect, and boundaries. From understanding different types of protocols to implementing them effectively in your dynamic, this class will empower you to navigate the complex landscape of protocol with confidence and clarity. 

Relationships Unchained: A Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy and Polyamory  with Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan (Swinky Life)

Opening your relationship can be tricky but very rewarding! Society dictates relationship rules but why? We discuss the foundation of creating this dynamic with your partner. The benefits, the pitfalls and everything in between. Breaking down myths and misconceptions, we provide a framework of building a strong foundation through communication, trust and vulnerability to explore open relationships as a couple. Hosted by the Swinky Life crew (aka World’s Okayest Poly Foursome), the workshop will close with a discussion of the many variations of polyamorous relationships. The presenters will openly share the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives, and how "being Poly" has changed their lives including how they balance all of the various pushes and pulls and  work together to make this an amazing lifestyle choice.

Bridging the Gap between Swinging and Kink with Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan (Swinky Life)

In this open roundtable forum, we discuss the myths and misconceptions that surround swinging and kink as well as the commonalities between these two communities. We talk about challenges kinksters can face when engaging with ethical non-monogamists, aka swingers and vice versa. We go in-depth on the differences in consent, negotiation, and social norms and how these ideas are firmly in place in both communities but operate very differently.  We share our experiences and answer questions from participants about the swinging

Beginner Bedroom Rope Play with Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan (Swinky Life)

This hands-on workshop for learning rope skills specifically focuses on light bedroom play. We teach a basic single column, a basic double column, and specific tie-off skills well suited to bedroom environments. We then  begin creatively combining those basic skills into fun restraints designed to enhance bedroom play. As with all Swinky Life workshops, our goal is that attendees learn good useful skills that they can leave, go straight back to their room, and begin having fun.

Smack My Ass and Call Me Swinky with Phoenix Phyre, Myrina, Crimson Dragonfly, and Tristan (Swinky Life)

A beginner-level impact play workshop designed for folks with little to no experience in impact play, covering everything from "I am kinda curious" up to "We have done some spanking and stuff, but we really want to turn the volume up." We start with putting your hands on your partner and move through using toys, household items, floggers, and paddles. We discuss different techniques, considerations, and communication and incorporate a lot of hands-on guided lab time. As with all SwinkyLife workshops, our goal is that folks leave armed with lots of great information, and a sense of confidence to use that new information immediately, having gained that confidence in the hands-on lab.

Vitality and Sexual health with Dr. Bing Parkinson

Welcome to the ultimate power-up for your mojo: Vitality and Sexual Health Workshop!  Ever dreamt of having mind-blowing, toe-curling, absolutely unbelievable sex while feeling like a rockstar in every aspect of your life? Well, buckle up because that's exactly what we're all about! 

Join us in this joyous celebration of all things sexy and vibrant as we dive into the realm of cutting-edge medical treatments and hormone optimization. Whether you're aiming for peak performance in the Gym or bedroom, we've got you covered!
Expect an electrifying journey through both medical and non-pharmacologic treatments that actually work wonders in promoting vitality throughout all stages of life. From tackling anxiety to smashing through barriers of sexual dysfunction and erectile woes, we're here to guide you toward a life filled with boundless energy and satisfaction.

But hey, it's not just about the mechanics; it's about embracing every shade of human desire and pleasure. That's why we're all about celebrating diversity and welcoming all lifestyles and kinks with open arms. After all, when it comes to feeling fantastic, there's no one-size-fits-all approach!   So, get ready to unleash your inner dynamo and embark on a journey toward a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling you. Because when it comes to vitality and sexual health, the sky's the limit—and we're here to help you soar! 

Kinky & Sexy Photography For Everyone with Stella Smut

Workshop description coming soon

Cigar & Ashtray Service with Direwo1f & BananaBell

Cigar service can be an extremely intimate and fulfilling way to connect. It can also be a lot of things, including cigar preparation and lighting, ashtray service, cigar care and storage, or can even include ash/body play. It often can incorporate D/s protocols such as slave positions or speech restrictions. In this relaxed workshop and demonstration on the beach, Direwo1f and BananaBell will demonstrate ways to prepare and light a cigar and how to safely engage in human ashtray service. Come and, learn, try one or both if you would like, or just watch and be social. The cigar circle will directly follow.  

Cigar Social - Cigars, chocolate, boots, rum, whiskey, protocols and all the other things

Kick of your night before the play party! Cigar socials at Kinky Caribbean are relaxed and fun social gatherings on the beach where attendees can engage in one ore more activities, including cigar service, human ashtray service, eat chocolate, drink drinks, boot black, be social, or engage in any other protocol or service activities in a fun group vibe. Bring food and drink offerings, your favorite smokeables, and anything else that will enhance your evening.

Content Creation Secrets - Panel Discussion- moderated by Stella Smut with Lora Cross, Ashley Lane, Ellie Reaux, & Rachel Adams

Do you create content or have you wanted to? Do you dream of being an Only Fans star? Or do you like to post content on FetLife and other social media just for fun or to enhance your profile? The discussion will focus on all of the secrets, tips, and tricks on how to create better content whether you are pro using a studio or an amateur using your phone in your bedroom.  This discussion panel will be moderated by a real life porn producer and consist of professional models and actresses.

Sadistic Rope & Takedowns  with Restricted_area & Alterskye

Workshop description coming soon

The Ham Harness: a versatile, suspendable gunslinger with Restricted_area & Alterskye

One of our favourite harnesses we often tie is a gunslinger which we have modified. We call it the ham harness because it makes the thigh look like a trussed ham lol (creative naming, I know). We will teach this harness and then demonstrate it in action. The ham can be used for suspension or non-suspension. It's relatively simple to learn how to tie; the only prerequisite is knowing how to tie a non-collapsible single column.

Benefits of the ham harness:

● hangerless

● suspendable from all angles (great for all kinds of transitions)

● the stem is built up as you tie it, so it doesn't need additional reinforcing

● virtually no digging or skin pinching

● doesn't shift around on the thigh, even during energetic transitions


An additional waist rope can be added for extra security if the bottom will be moving around a lot (we first engineered this when we did a rope performance featuring me climbing a stripper pole).


Here are some pictures of the ham in action:

Kinky Speed "Dating" with with Lora Cross, Ellie Reaux, & Devereaux 

Come join the fun whimsical at the Kinky Caribbean version of speed "dating"! This is a great way to meet other attendees and connect for possible play, friendships, and you never know what else!

Pony Play Gathering with Sumbmissann

Come all ponies and trainers or anyone that is curious about pony play to watch or Giddy Up and join the fun! We’ll have an informal gathering, open to all. No pony play gear? No problem! SubMissAnn will bring some pony play items including some yarn pony tails and rope alternatives, and a few easy bits for Ponies. Handlers: we have some reins that you can borrow. SubMissAnn will demonstrate some easy gates and will ask for volunteers, or you can play on your own.  There will be some fun Western games - come win a ribbon! This will be a relaxed and an informative time that highlights pony play is all about having fun!

Ask a Sex Worker with Ellie Reaux

Ever wonder about a day in the life of a sex worker is all about? Ellie Roux will share her view of the industry, discuss content creation and marketing, and answer your questions about the sex work profession.

Kink Dimensionalized for Relationships with Devereaux 

Workshop description coming soon

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