Frequently Asked Questions

About Kinky Caribbean

What is Kinky Caribbean?

Part tropical vacation, kink conference! A con-cation! Think summer camp for kinky adults. It is a vacation at a beautiful Caribbean, all inclusive, clothing-optional, sex-positive lifestyles beach resort with kink and rope workshops with world-class presenters! Seriously, what could be better than this? A kinky vacation to the moon? Okay yeah, maybe, but we are not planning that until 2052. And we can't wait to try out our single toe suspension there.

How many people can register? Will it sell out? Is there a waiting list?

We have room for about 100 people, which will ensure a small workshop size and personal attention. We have just enough rooms at the hotel reserved to accommodate our guests, as the hotel will likely be sold out during this time. In addition, we want to ensure that there will be little to no wait for hard points during UPL and that we have enough hard points available during workshops. Since the event sells out almost a year in advance, spots always open up as life happens and people cancel. So do please register for the waiting list

How old do I have to be to go?

All participants must be 18 or older to enter the resort.

What kind of workshops and events can we expect?

Is photography allowed? I want to take some awesome kinky pictures on the beach!

YES! The resort has a strict no-photo policy on the nude side of the beach, but they are allowing Kinky Caribbean attendees to do photography in some other areas (like the prude side beach!) as long as we don’t abuse the privilege. Photography will always be allowed at our private events and workshops and during UPL time as long as you are not photographing people without their consent, or even appearing that you could be. The normal RopeLab photo rules apply (basically you must have permission to take someone's photo and must ensure that nobody else is in the photo, and you can't post, use or share photos without written permission of both the photographer and all people in the photo. The complete event rules are here.

Are there rules for this event?

Of course! The typical RopeLab rules will apply, and like all RopeLab events, you will have to agree to the standard release and waiver. The resort also has its normal rules. The event rules and resort rules are subject to change. The event rules and the waiver and release are located here.

Are there day trips and excursions available?

Because the all-inclusive resort offers plenty of on-site activities in addition to Kinky Caribbean workshops you won't want to miss, you will probably want to maximize your time at the resort while you are paying to be there. While you are certainly free to leave anytime and explore the island, we recommend that you book a few nights at the beginning or end of your trip at a cheaper hotel on the Negril cliffs or beach so that you won't be paying for a resort you aren't using. The RopeLab staff may have some suggestions for other places to stay if you plan to do so, including clothing-optional choices if that is your thing. Just email us. We are, however, planning optional group excursions: snorkeling, catamaran, and and the BentoFalls eco hike (additional cost). More info is forthcoming!

About Hedonism II

What is Hedonism II?

Hedonism II breaks the boundaries of other lifestyles or nudist resorts. The resort is an all-inclusive, sex-positive, clothing-optional, lifestyles resort on a breathtaking tropical beach. All food, alcohol, and resort activities and amenities are included in the per-person room price per night. Here, there’s never too much of a good thing. People travel from far and wide to live out their fantasies and escape all inhibition. Leave the mundane day-to-day behind, explore yourself as you explore the spectacular environment of Negril, Jamaica. See more at at the Hedonism II website.

Can I be nude anywhere in the resort?

Pretty much! The resort asks that you cover up in the main dining areas and restaurants, but that doesn't even mean you need to put on clothes…just wrap a towel around yourself and grab some food! Or better yet, throw on some sexy lingerie that barely covers your goodie bits…just because you can't be nude doesn't mean you can't be scandalous! You can be nude at the nude pool grill, however. Just don't spill jerk sauce on your balls >_<. The sit down restaurants want you to put on real clothes though. Note, in the Nude beach and pool area (which is located down one side of the beach) you MUST be nude.

I want to go to BeachBind, but I am not sure about the nude beach thing.

You are not alone. While some are all about throwing off their clothes at every opportunity, many are a little hesitant to do so. Many choose not to go bare at hedo, and that is perfectly acceptable (some of the resort is nude, the rest is clothing-optional). Yet many folks find that once they are there, they become quite comfortable and fast converts to nudism. This is a great article about one vanilla women's experience with just that: As the author noted, she learned that nudism is not just about "tanning and tata's. She found it not to be a sexual thing; but rather extremely liberating on a personal level. At my first experience at the resort years ago, I was very nervous when I first ventured out nude, but after about an hour, I almost forgot I was nude and I stopped seeing nude people, and just saw, well, people. I also found that nudism was not about others, it was about me being me, being free, and doing what I want to do. There are the other benefits too…like not having an uncomfortable wet chafing bathing suit when you get out of the water and letting the cool water touch all of your skin when you swim au natural. Or when you get out of the water into the hot Caribbean sun and feel the warmth caress your body the way nature intended. And then there is the judgmental cultural crap that all goes away. As the author notes, when we stop judging others, we stop judging ourselves. The resort is full of real people…normal people…everyday people of all ages, shapes and sizes. As the author says: "While I do believe having a healthy body is important, true self-confidence comes from a level of self-worth not dependent on the body. True self-worth is a state of mind." While every single one of us can be judgmental, when we all strip off our clothes, I have found that the for me opposite occurs. We are all imperfect people, created by nature and have little control over our physical selves. After that realization, the body-positive attitude is much easier to channel, and it applies to ourselves and those around us. Hedonism is not a swingers resort or a nudist resort. It is a hedonist's resort, meaning it is a place for pleasure seekers. Nobody will be pressured to do anything they don't want to do. Pleasure means doing what you want, not what others think you should do. Our group is a separate group and we will be doing our thing, and everyone is free to venture out into the larger resort and do what they want, or do what they want within the group. And of course, there will be kinky workshops and presenters. That is the main reason we are going, so whether or not you choose take the nudist plunge, you are certain to have a great time at Kinky Caribbean without worries! After all, in Jamaica, everything is "No Problem!"

But I heard Hedonism II resort is really more of a swingers resort or a nudist resort. I am not a swinger or a nudist. Will I be comfortable there? Do I have to swing? Do I have to be nude?

No, you don't have to swing. You don't have to be nude. You don't have to ever do anything you don't want to! At Kinky Caribben and at Hedo, consent still counts! And no, Hedo is not really a "swingers" resort. It is not a "nudist" resort either. It is really an "everything" resort. It is for "hedonists" which includes all pleasure-seeking people of all kinds. The resort attracts all types of people from kinksters to nudists to swingers to partiers who don't mind getting a little crazy. You can be who you are and all are accepted. If you don't want to partake in any particular activity, you may always decline. We have found that people who go to Hedo are very friendly and accepting. We have met lifelong friends from other parts of the world there. There are people of all ages and all shapes and sizes. Pleasure seekers come in all flavors and the resort, and the people there, are accepting of everyone. Note on the Nude side: there IS an area of the resort where you must be nude. There is a nude beach and an adjacent nude pool at the far end of the beach. In those areas, security will actually ask you to uncover or leave if you try to wear clothes or a bathing suit (including bottoms). If you don't wish to be nude, simply don't go in the nude area. The rest of the resort is considered "prude", Hedo's non-derogatory term for "clothing optional." Please also note that some rooms are within the "nude" area, so if you don't want that, make sure to book a room in the "prude" section (the prude rooms are called "regular rooms" on the booking page).

What is included with the room?

Pretty much everything! The resort is all-inclusive, which means that your per person room rate gets you your room, all food, all drinks (including top-shelf alcohol), land and water activities like SCUBA, and evening entertainment. It also includes the BeachBind workshops, performances, and events, not to mention a spectacular beach - clothing optional! Some of the activities and amenities include: SCUBA diving (including all of the equipment you need*), windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaks, giant hot tubs, three freshwater pools, swim-up pool bars, nightly live shows and bands, and pool-side entertainment. There is also a full service spa (spa services not included and subject to separate charges). The resort also has lighted tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, table tennis, secluded hammocks, aerobics, badminton, fitness center, and more! *Note on SCUBA: you have to be certified to go SCUBA diving in Jamaica. The resort offers a resort course that allows you go on some diving trips while you are there, or a full certification course that is good for life. Another option would be to take all or most of the certification course before you come (you can usually finish the diving portion of a PADI SCUBA course at the resort and take the classroom part stateside). For more information check out activities at Hedonism.

What is IN the Rooms? Are there TVs? Refrigerators? Lube?

All guest rooms include flat screen TVs (channels include free access to non-stop porn), refrigerators, a Euro-style shower or rain shower, a coffee maker, a safe, and mirrors on the ceilings! Bring your own lube though :) Rooms also include views of tropical gardens or panoramic views of the oceanfront, and some have direct beach access and outdoor Jacuzzis. Some rooms have one king bed, others have two queen or full beds. In general rooms will have:

  • Mirrored ceilings
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Refrigerator
  • King Bed or 2 Twin Beds
  • Air Conditioned
  • Euro-style Shower
  • Coffeemaker
  • Clock Radio with CD-player
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Iron and Ironing Board (Available upon request)
  • Hair Dryer
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Shampoo/conditioner

But how is the food? I am allergic to jerk sauce and pickles. Will I starve?

The food is awesome! Starve? Far from it. Food is available 24/7, and there is a wide variety available. The resort has a humongous buffet open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with some made-to-order stations. They also have a couple pool-side grills that are open most of the time, including late at night. There are also a couple sit-down restaurants (hibichi, sushi, steakhouse, and pasta). Bottom line, you can get a wide variety of food, the food is all good, and it's all included! Eat as much as you want, whenever you want. If you have important dietary restrictions, we suggest that you contact the resort to confirm that your needs will be met: or (631-588-4336). We can tell you though that we have encountered vegetarian guests and gluten-free guests who have done just fine.

Does the resort have nightly themes?

Of course it does! Check here for updates. MONDAY- JAMAICA NIGHT A Jamaica themed party. Dress in the Jamaican colors Black, Green & Gold. TUESDAY – BARE AS YOU DARE GLOW POOL PARTY Dance under the stars and light up the night with all things glowing, blinking and flashing. Make a splash in your sexiest swimwear. WEDNESDAY – FETISH NIGHT LEATHER & LINGERIE One of the biggest and best event nights! Dress in leather & lingerie or whatever fetish you want to explore, then prepare to indulge your fetish fantasies. THURSDAY – TOGA & FOAM PARTY One of our most popular theme nights at Hedonism II, dress in your sexy toga for dinner, sign-up in the day to be a part of our talent show then hit the disco after our Toga Parade & Contest for our foam party at 11pm. Get slippery and wet in this high energy atmosphere. Dress Code – swimsuits or Togas. FRIDAY – ROCK STAR Ever wanted to be a rock star? Live out the fantasy in this fun filled theme night. SATURDAY – SEXY SPORTS NIGHTShow your Sexy team spirit in whatever sport that turns you on. SUNDAY – HEDONISTIC SCHOOL GIRLBreak all the rules you never could! Wear your short plaid skirts. Principals, nerds, and jocks you can join in the education, too.


While we have never seen any need for it, the resort has a lot of security wandering the resort and the beach 24/7, so help is always nearby. If needed, you can dial "0" from any phone in the resort to get assistance, including an escort to your room at night. In addition, our group has its own security and night escort system to make sure that folks don't have to walk back to their rooms alone at night. See more inforomation here.

Are sexual acts and penetration permitted?

Yep! The resort and Kinky Caribbean are sex-positive. You can have sex on the beach while drinking a sex on the beach. Whoa. During daylight hours, you can't have sex right on the main beach where it is visable by boats on the water; however, you can by the nude pool or in other areas not visible from off the resort.

Is there internet and wi-fi at the resort?

Yes. Wi-fi is included with the room for up to three devices. There is also wi-fi available in the courtyard next to the main lobby. Note, the wi-fi may not be as good or fast as you are used to, and may not work well from some rooms. You can purchase a faster wi-fi signal that is supposed to allow for streaming video and remote desktop connections, but it may not work as well as you like.

What to Bring

What should I bring?

See downloadble packing checklist here. Don’t forget that you need a passport! Don’t wait too long to get one or renew if you don’t already have one. Check your passport now to see if you might need to renew.

Will my normal electrical stuff plug in and work there?

Yes, if you live in the United States. Electric power in Jamaica is almost the same as in the United States and Canada (110 -120v). If that is not what you use in your country, you will need a converter.

Should I bring money? Do I need to tip the staff at the resort?

You will need little to no cash on this trip. The transfer drivers who take you from the airport to the resort do accept tips, but once you are at the resort, the resort has a no-tipping policy and most staff will refuse to accept tips.You may choose to bring money for things like the excursions, or private trips off the resort, shopping, etc, but it's up to you.

How does the money work in Jamaica? Do I need to convert US Dollars to Jamaican Dollars?

Jamaica does have its own currency, the Jamaican dollar, but almost everyone takes (and prefers) US cash, so you don't really need to exchange it if you bring US cash. The exchange rates are usually around 1 United States Dollar = 120 Jamaican Dollars. Note: In our experience, it is usually best to exchange money at the airport. Whatever you do, do not ever exchange money with a person on the street. They are almost always going to short change you.You won't even know it until they are gone.

Booking & Travel

Are there different room types available? What is the difference?

Yes! There are different options for rooms ranging in price. Hedonism has "classic" rooms which are older but still nice. They have more expensive "premium" rooms that have been recently renovated. They also have suites and hot tub rooms right on the beach. To get more info on room types, see The resort has rooms on both the "nude" and "prude" side. The nude side is adjacent to the nude beach and/or the nude pool, and clothing is not permitted in those areas (except coming and going to your room). The prude side is clothing optional. See our costs page for details. The rooms right on the beach (Ocean view) are a little more expensive than the Garden View rooms, which are just behind those rooms and really not much further from the beach.

What if I am single or want my own room?

Singles are welcome and encouraged to join the trip. Last year a lot of people came single and had a great time. If you are traveling as a single, you can register as a single and add a chosen roommate later, or pay for your own room at the singles rate. If you are looking for a roommate, let us know by emailing us your preferences for a roommate and we will try to pair you up with someone compatible.

Can we have 3 or more in a room?

Yes. If you want to have 3 in a room, you can. Some rooms have one king bed, others have two smaller beds. We suggest 2 people to a room, or maybe 3. Three is the maximum.

Do I have to pay a deposit now? Is it refundable?

Deposits and installment payments can be made here. Cancellations made prior to the final payment date are eligible for a 100% refund of any amounts paid by check, less the deposit, which is non-refundable. Credit card payments are 95% refundable due to the 5% credit card processing fee to Tom's Trips, less the deposit. After the final payment date, all deposits and payments are non refundable. We recommend that you consider optional trip cancellation insurance, which can be purchased through Tom's Trips when you confirm your reservation.

Can I pay on a payment plan? Do you accept auto withdrawal?

Yes and yes! Tom's Trips will set up a monthly payment plan for you. If you would like an auto withdraw plan, Tom's trips will charge your card around the first of each month. Just contact Tom's Trips or use the payment plan form here. Make payments anytime here.

When should I plan to travel? If I only go for 5 days, which days should I go? Will I have to miss some workshops? Do I need to be there the whole time? Do I need to attend the meet n' greet?

You can travel whenever you like so long as you go for at least five days during the dates for each week! You are not required to be at any event or workshop. Just ask Tom's Trips to book you for the dates you want. You just need to be there for a minimum of 5 nights during the week of the event. You can stay longer than that if you want, and you will still get our group rate! Most workshops are scheduled during the week and while you will probably want to be there for all of them, we understand that your travel plans may not work out that way. Do what you need to do. Our private hard points and play spaces will be open for UPL on Saturday and Sunday when you arrive, and on the last Saturday for those staying an extra day. There will be performances every night from Sunday-Friday. There will also be an opening circle and Meet N' Greet on Sunday evening, as well a closing circle on Friday, so we suggest that you try to arrive earlier on Friday or Saturday and leave on Saturday or Sunday. Want to Stay longer???? Do eeeeet!! It is becoming more common for people to arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two late. Some are staying even longer. Our group rate usually available for at least 3 days before or after the trip! Next year we plan to try to make hard points more available on the Saturday after the trip, and we are considering other light plans like a Friday night before and Saturday night after group dinner at the habachi bar, the steakhouse or the Italian restaurant. There is usually a lot of tying, labbing, photo time, and relaxation as well! Who knows what else might happen! And you can get our group rates for your extra days (subject to availability) ​Note also that while there are amazing workshops every day, the workshops are slightly weighted so that there are more beginner and intermediate workshops in the beginning of the week. So if you are a beginner deciding what dates to choose, we recommend you arrive by Saturday. If you are advanced, we recommend you stay until at least Saturday. If this doesn't work with your schedule, however, rest assured that you will still have workshops to attend every day you are here! IMPORTANT: On the day you travel you likely won't get to the resort until late afternoon or early evening (allow about 2-3 hours after you land to clear customs, travel to the resort and get checked in). By the time you get to your room, unpack, get some food, etc., it will likely be evening or nighttime, and you'll be exhausted. Similarly, on the day you travel home, you will likely be on a bus to Montego Bay early in the morning, even if your flight is in the afternoon or evening -the resort will put you on a bus that is at least 3 hours before your departing flight and there are a limited number of bus departure times. Thus you won't be able to do much on your arrival day with the exception of maybe an evening workshop or UPL (Unconference/Play/Lab time) at night. Therefore, if you want to attend all of the workshops, meet n' greet and other events, we suggest that you travel to Jamaica on Saturday or Sunday and leave on Saturday or Sunday (or come even earlier/stay even later)! If you can only go for 5 nights, since you will be traveling on one of the workshop days, you will have to miss something. Once it is posted, consult the workshop schedule to determine what works best for you. As far as excursions go, our tentative plan is to schedule the waterfall and snorkel excursions during week 1 and catamaran on Sunday during week 2. Please understand though that until we finalize our presenters and schedule, this is subject to change.

What if I want to travel on different days or go longer or shorter?

You can! See above-you can get our group rates for days outside of our week, subject to availability. So come a few days early or stay later. You just gotta be there for 5 nights during our trip. That is the only way we can get the group rates!

How will I pay?

We are working with a travel agent, Tom's Trips, to handle all payments for the resort fees and airport transfers. They take credit cards and checks .You can make payments online anytime here:

Do I have to pay extra for the workshops?


It turns out I can't go - can I give my ticket to someone else?

In general, tickets are non- transferable. However, your deposit and payments are refundable up until December 1st. That said, if you cannot go, and you have someone that wants to take your place, do let Tom's Trip's know. If it is at all possible, we will try to work with you.

My partner and I are paid in full, but we broke up. Now I hate their guts and never want to see them again. What are my options?

If this occurs before the final payment date, you have the option to request a refund, minus your deposit fee and any credit card fees, or to move to a new room, either with a new partner or alone at a higher singles rate. Your ex-partner has the choice to do the same. After Dec 1st, your payment is non-refundable. You have the option to either cancel your trip and receive no refund, or to choose to move to separate rooms (if available), where you can find a new roommate, or pay the extra for a single room. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can try to assist with arrangements.

I found a better deal for the resort on or with the fluffer-wild-cocktail-wicked-party-swing group trip. Can I just book my hedo room at that travel website or through that other group and then come and attend the workshops?

No. At least not if you want to be part of our group and attend our events and workshops, or use our hard points. While you likely won't find a better deal on other travel websites, it's not impossible for a different group to have a slightly better rate because they aren't bringing in world-class presenters for special workshops/events. Only those who register through BeachBind will be permitted to attend the BeachBind workshops and events. There are several reasons for this. We require that each person fill out our forms so that we can get to know the people in the group and plan workshops accordingly. In addition, the workshops, equipment (hard points etc.) and presenters cost money! Some of the resort fees for our group rates cover those expenses. Also, the total attendance will be limited to about 100 people to ensure that there are enough hard points and to make sure class sizes are not overcrowded. NOTE, if you are at the resort and, as often happens, you don't want to leave, you cannot extend your trip through the resort front desk - you still have to pay through Tom's Trips. Don't worry, they make it easy! Just email Michelle at and she'll get it done for you.

Can I book a room at a nearby resort and just get day passes to Hedonism and attend the workshops?

No, see the previous answer. You need to book through our group.

How do I get to Negril, Jamaica? What airlines travel there?

Travel to Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) via most major airlines, including Delta, US Air, American, Air Canada, United, Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, and Frontier. From the airport in Montego Bay (aka "Mo'bay"), it is about a 60-90 minute road trip to the resort depending on traffic. Round trip transfers are available for $50 when booking through Tom's Trips.

Do I need a Passport?

Absolutely, Yes Yes Yes. Plan ahead--don't wait to the last minute as it can sometimes take months to get or renew a passport, Check your passport NOW to see if needs to be renewed. NOTE FURTHER, if your passport is due to expire within 6 months of the event you should review your passport before going to avoid any possible passport issues.

Should I get trip insurance? Is there good health care in Jamaica?

While the resort often has a nurse available onsite or can refer you to a local doctor for routine health issues, your medical insurance likely will not cover medical expenses in Jamaica. A serious matter involving medical evacuation or long-term injury could be extremely costly. There are inexpensive options to make sure you are covered, often under $20-30. Many of these plans include a "sports rider" or similar coverage that will include coverage for sports injuries (like SCUBA diving, snorkeling, etc.). While these plans may or may not cover a rope related injury, we recommend that you purchase a travel insurance plan with sports rider coverage. Plans are available through Tom's Trips or private companies like United Healthcare. RopeLab, LLC and Tom's Trips are not responsible for your travel insurance, medical needs, or injuries while traveling.

How much is airfare? Is it included? What airport do I fly into?

Fly into Montego Bay. Airfare is not included in the resort fees. You need to purchase your own travel. You can do so directly through airline websites or through Tom's Trips. Most flights to Montego Bay from North America are from $400-$800.


Will my mobile phone work in Jamaica?

Yes, it almost certainly will, BUT definitely check with your carrier to see if Jamaica is included in your data, phone and texting plan. Plans vary widely. Some carriers will let you add an international plan that will cover Jamaica for the week for a small fee, but if you don't do that, you might end up paying a TON of money for using your phone there. Like $100's or $1000's. Ye be warned!

Is pot legal in Jamaica?

Because people are sometimes unclear on this, we want to fill you in. Pot is about not quite legal in Jamaica, but it is decriminalized, and there are medical use laws. This means possession of up to two ounces is a petty offense that could result in a roughly $5 ticket but not in an arrest or criminal record. Most taxi drives sell "ganja" illegally as it is referred as in Jamaica. As with alcohol consumption, our policy is that you are not to use hard points or otherwise participate in a scene while intoxicated. Please make safety your top priority, and be courteous to others.