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Hedo's $700 for 12 Program

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Stay for 12 nights, get $700 in

resort credits or free nights!

It is common for people to come a day or two early or stay a day or two late,  There are often informal meal gatherings and play happening. 


It is always nice to come a day early to settle in before the event starts, and to stay day after to relax a bit with no schedule before traveling home.


We are currently planning to hold a pre-event play party on Friday May 31 for those who come early, as well as a Founder's Club reunion dinner that evening. There will be some activities and workshops during the day on Saturday June 1. 

Hedo wants to help! 

If you pay and stay for 12 nights, you will receive a $700 per-room credit. The $700 credit may be used as a credit toward the cost of additional nights and/or may be used as a resort credit for purchases including:

  • Private Dinner(s)

  • Spa

  • Wine Bar

  • Upgraded Sushi menu

  • Lifestyle Boutique and gift shop


How to get your credit: 

If you book for more than 12 nights Concations will automatically apply the resort's credit to your 13th and 14th nights as applicable. Any unused portion can be used as a resort credit at the shops, the spa, etc. If you want to change how we apply the credit, simply let us know!

The credit can be used on this trip or anytime following, but must be used in the same calendar year as your booking dates.


  • Credits may not be redeemed for cash and any unused portion will expire on December 31 of that current year.

  • Credits may not be used for any off-site excursions, photography sessions or wedding packages., Scuba certification or night dives/snorkeling

  • The 12 for 700 program is administered solely be the resort and not by Concations. Concations is not responsible for the resort's application of this program, changes to or refusing to honor the program, or cancellation of the program. See the resort's terms here:

  • The 12 for 700 program is based on double occupancy.

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